Tadacip – Curing sexual dysfunction with ease

There are many medication available in the market to cure sexual dysfunctionality and among those Tadacip has secured a reputed position. The dose of this drug is available in the 5mg to 20mg which is consumed depending on the physical traits of an individual. This medicine works by increase the blood flow in the core area which is penis and helps it to get proper erection during the sexual intercourse. Below is some more information regarding the drug.

Working methodology?

Basically to cause an erection, two blood vessels plays their role to make a long lasting erection phase of the penis. The one blood vessels load the blood in the penis and the other is responsible for taking it down. Tadacip contracts the blood vessels which takes down the blood causing a prolonged erection.

The amount of dosage.

As the dose comes in the range of 5mg to 20mg, the standard intake is 10mg for an average person. The intake depends on size of the person as the bigger size needs bigger dose.

The confusion regarding the intake of dosage is whether it should be taken with or without water. The answer is the dose is intended to be consumed by just keeping the drug in the mouth to let it dissolve.

The consumption of this drug can be done with or without food. Your food should not contain alcohol as alcohol decrease the urge to produce sexual desire.

Discussing the side effects

There is hardly any medicine exist that claims to have no side effect. Tadacip has its side effects too. The most common side effect that one can observe are –

Confusion –Due to various unknown reaction that goes into the body after taking the pill, it can result in arousal of situation like confusion and forgetting things. This is a common side effect one can observe.

Chest pain – Several studies and test of this medicine has claimed the problem of chest pain that happens after the consumption of this drug. This cause pain, discomfort and sometime difficulty in long breathings.

Our Opinion

Tadacip works as the agent to increase duration of intercourse and it has its several adverse effect too. There overdosing and abusing the drug can result you opposite what you want to achieve. Therefore this drug must be consumed after the doctor’s prescription and advice. This will help you achieve results having least chances of any side effects.